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Do a good job of maintaining the potato cleaning machine if it is not used for a long time

Potato cleaning and peeling machine
Potato cleaning and peeling machine

Daily maintenance:

1.Power supply: Use the power supply and power cord that meet the equipment specifications. The power circuit must be equipped with an air switch dedicated to the washing machine to cut off the power supply of the washing machine when needed;

2.Grounding wire: The body and generator will be equipped with a dedicated grounding wire on the power lead, and it is clearly distinguished from other wires. Because the Zhucheng cleaning machine is in contact with water and corrosive (swelling) liquid level, it is easy to cause Leakage, please connect the ground wire according to safety requirements;

Potato cleaning and peeling machine
Potato cleaning and peeling machine

3.The equipment adopts non-flammable detergent. Do not use flammable and explosive substances as detergent. The equipment must be used in places where flammable and explosive substances must be kept away. When users must use certain substances under special circumstances, Safety must be confirmed, and corresponding safety protection measures must be taken;

4.No liquid or insufficient liquid level in the washing tank will cause irreversible damage to the equipment. When using it, ensure that sufficient washing liquid is injected into the tank, otherwise the related electric heaters, pumps, and ultrasonic vibrators may be damaged. May cause fire and personal injury;

   5. Be careful not to splash water into the electrical control box and related electrical components, and keep away from water vapor, corrosive gas, dust, etc.;

   6. When the equipment is abnormal, please contact our company in time or have an experienced professional electrician inspect it after stopping the power supply;

  7. Please use a washing basket or hanger with feet to hang the workpiece to be cleaned, and put it in the tank for washing. It is forbidden to put the workpiece directly into the bottom of the tank for washing, otherwise it may cause damage to the workpiece and the bottom of the tank;

8.When the equipment is not used for a long time, please discharge the cleaning liquid, dry the inner tank and the surface and protect it with a film to prevent the corrosion and aging of the Zhucheng cleaning machine from accelerating;



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