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Potato Packing Machine/

Automatic potato chips/biscuit/granule/grain snack food packing machine

Product Name:  Automatic potato chips packing machine

Bag width: 180-350mm

Bag length: 100-500mm

Filling range:8L

Packing speed:5-55 bags/min

Machine Size:1800*1250*1780mm

Function:It can be arranged to realize the packaging of Dried granules or small pieces of potato chips, candy, peanuts.

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The nitrogen packing machine for food with programmable controller (PLC) control, the required parameters (filling amount, bag length, etc.) can be set in the display unit that can be displayed, and the control system automatically optimizes and matches each action to achieve the optimal packaging speed. The photoelectric detection system is stable and reliable, ensuring the integrity of the trademark of the packaging bag; heat-sealing dual-channel temperature control intelligent temperature control.

Different filling mechanisms can be arranged to realize the packaging of Dried granules or small pieces of potato chips, candy, peanuts, pistachios, melon seeds, green beans, biscuits, coffee beans, etc. food.

Model HDF-720
Bag width


Bag length 100-500mm

Filling range

Packing speed 5-55 bags/min
Power 220v/3kw
Size 1800*1250*1780mm
Weight 750kg


1.Big hopper
The hopper adopts 304 stainless steel funnel, which has super high height, which effectively prevents corrosion, wear and is more beautiful and hygienic.

2.The man-machine interface
The PLC is used to control the movement of the whole machine, the man-machine interface is displayed, the operation is convenient, the bag length is stable, and the positioning is accurate.

3.Back sealing packaging
The three-side sealing or back sealing packaging method is adopted, the sealing is firm, and the packaging is more beautiful and generous.

4.Large hopper
The stainless steel hopper has a large capacity and can be continuously packaged. There is a measuring cup for precise weighing and packaging, and the packaging effect is perfect.

5.Plastic wrapping
We wrap plastic film for every machine.The plastic wrap film mainly serves to assist the bundling and protect the outer packaging of the goods. At the same time, it can also play a role in dust prevention, moisture proof and prevention of cargo collapse.

6.Wooden case packing
International standard wooden case packing.The wooden box packaging is a packaged product. In order to facilitate transportation and storage, the machine is prevented from being damaged in transit, and the goods are safely delivered to the customer.






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