Potato Chips Processing Manufacturer
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Our team

Our team

Exhibitor Overview

As staff, core leaders, we regularly participate in overseas exhibitions every year, visit customers, and open up new markets.

– In 2020, we successfully held three online exhibitions,

– 9 online live broadcasts,

– 22 ZOOM meetings.

– Serving customers in 13 countries.

Service maintenance engineer

In the past two years, our team has installed and debugged no less than 30 times abroad

In 2020, our service will be converted to online guidance, and the form of video remote operation guidance has served customers in 11 countries to provide a strong guarantee for our after-sales service.

sales department

Key customer service department,

Agent Service Department

Sales Service Team

The first service sales department and the second service sales department are responsible for product sales and simple technical services.


Production department

Production department

Production department

Responsible for machine processing, production and assembly, customer site installation, etc.

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