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Soft brush cleaning machine Potato cleaning machine

It is actually quite time consuming to clean potatoes. Because potatoes have roots, they usually remove the roots first, and then clean the soil on them, which has to be brushed many times. In addition, potatoes are inherently uneven, and the soil hidden inside is difficult to clean out. So how do they clean potatoes so clean in food processing plants? Because they used a soft brush cleaning machine, which is a very popular one among the brush cleaning machines, what about the cleaning effect?

The soft brush cleaning machine can also be used as a potato cleaning machine. The cleaning process does not add water. The brush is soft and flexible. It has the function of polishing and removing dust on the surface of the potato. The cleaning effect is good, the speed is fast, and it saves labor. There are two types of hair roller and 10 hair roller. The hair roller adopts imported soft wool design, which has no damage to the jujube skin and can make the red jujube shiny and bright. It has been well received by new and old users! We can also customize various specifications according to customer requirements.

This soft potato cleaning machine can be used for washing and dry cleaning. It is suitable for the processing industries of various red dates, potatoes, carrots, peaches, apricots, apples, pears, dates, hawthorns, avocados and other fruit and vegetable materials.

Of course, we have more than one kind of potato cleaning machine. Fruit tree cleaning equipment such as water bath bubble cleaning machine and drum brush cleaning machine are also feasible.



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