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  • Why are potato washers and peelers so popular?

    Potato washing and potato peeler machine is a kind of equipment that can wash and peel root vegetables, remove the sediment, dirt and peel skin from the surface of root vegetables. This potato cleaning and peeling machine is divided into two kinds, one brush cleaning machine, the other is cleaning and…
  • French Fries Fried line|Automatic Frozen Fries Line One Stop Shop

    Process flow for the production process of making french fries:1. Process of French fries production line: Potato cleaning and peeling→picking→lifting feeding→slicing (strip)→rinsing→bleaching and color protection→winding and draining→frying→deoiling→flavoring→ Conveying → packaging. The french fries processing equipment can be customized to meet the actual needs of customers. 2, The french fries processing…
  • Equipment Needed For Starting French Fries Business

    How to start french fries business? Which equipment needed for starting french fries business? The fully automatic french fries production line is consisted of potato washing peeling machine, cutting machine, rinsing machine, blanching machine, dewatering machine, frying machine, deoiling machine, packaging machine, etc, with capacity 100kg per hour to 1000kg…
  • Industrial use: How to make potato chips better in color.

    (1) The hardness of potato chips decreases with the increase of peeling time,(2) There is no significant relationship with peeling time.(3) As the blanching time increases, the degree of discoloration decreases and the degree of enzyme inactivation increases.(4) As the blanching time increases, the degree of browning of potato slices…
  • Automatic potato peeling machine

    The automatic potato peeling machine is used for peeling and washing potatoes and sweet potatoes, and is suitable for restaurants, restaurants, canteens, and food processing plants. The machine has high removal rate, low breakage rate, clean, hygienic, high production efficiency, simple and convenient operation, and is an ideal potato peeling…
  • Oil control capacity of French fries, oil control capacity of potato chips

    Potato chips are a health food with complete nutrients. The influence of different process conditions on the oil content and quality of fried potato chips, and measures to control the oil content of fried foods are proposed. 1Materials and methods1.1 Materials and equipment Potatoes are commercially available; palm oil is…




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