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Product advantages of potato hair roller peeler

Potato hair roller cleaning and peeling machine
Potato hair roller cleaning and peeling machine

Potato hair roller cleaning machine

The potato hair roller cleaning machine is clean, water-saving, large processing volume, short cleaning time, and can complete the cleaning and peeling of root vegetables. Suitable for potato, carrot beet, taro, potato, lotus root, etc. It is a dehydrated vegetable factory, quick-frozen food factory, dehydrated vegetable processing, pickle processing, canning processing, peeling of fruits and vegetables without hurting the meat, and good integrity of fruit and vegetable tuberous roots. , No damage, it is a good equipment for washing, processing, and wholesale of vegetables and fruits. Automatic discharging, convenient and fast delivery, saving worry and time. Potato hair roller cleaning machine is suitable for peeling and washing potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. It is suitable for restaurants, hotels, colleges, factories and mines, canteens of enterprises and institutions, and food processing plants. The potato wool roller cleaning machine has high removal rate, low breakage rate, clean, hygienic, high production efficiency, simple and convenient operation, and is an important equipment for rhizome processing.


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