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Oil control capacity of French fries, oil control capacity of potato chips

Potato chips are a health food with complete nutrients. The influence of different process conditions on the oil content and quality of fried potato chips, and measures to control the oil content of fried foods are proposed.

1Materials and methods
1.1 Materials and equipment Potatoes are commercially available; palm oil is commercially available; anhydrous silane is analytically pure; petroleum ether has a boiling range of 3060; absolute ethanol, concentrated hydrochloric acid, etc. Drying box, electric heating constant temperature water bath, fryer, etc. 1.2 Analysis method 1.2.1 Determination of moisture content Constant weight method.
1.2.2 Determination of adult content by acid degradation method.
1.3 Process flow and process conditions for preparing fried potato chips
1.3.1 Process flow raw material selection, washing, peeling, slices, drying, frying, cooling
1.3.2 Process conditions Choose potatoes with thickness of 2, 3, 4, 5mm, moisture content of 50%, 60%, 70%, 75%, and frying time (temperature: 180 degrees Celsius) choose 2, 3, 4, 5min

2 Results and discussion
2.1 The influence of the thickness of potato slices on the oil content after frying. As can be seen from Figure 1, the oil content of the potato slices decreases after the increase in the thickness of the potato slices, and when it increases from 2mm to 3mm, the oil content decreases significantly. Continue to increase, if the thickness is too large, it will prolong the frying time and affect the product quality. Therefore, considering the control of oil content and product quality, the thickness of 3mm or more is selected. Suitable.
2.2 The influence of moisture on the oil content of fried potato slices. The moisture content of potato slices before frying is too high. The surface of the product is easy to foam during frying, and the bubble contains oil, which not only affects the appearance of the product, but also increases the oil consumption. Reduce product storage time. Therefore, the potato slices are generally dried before being fried to remove part of the moisture. Through the gradual reduction of the moisture content of the raw materials, the oil absorption rate of the product continues to rise. This is because raw materials with high moisture content need to be more blended when the moisture is free to transfer from the inside during frying, and because the moisture has loose oiliness, the length of the fat entering the food will increase, and it will continue during the same frying time, and the oil content reduce. In addition, if the water content of potato chips is too low, the starch will be fully gelatinized during frying and the inside will be too hard. Therefore, from the comprehensive consideration of oil content control and product quality, 75% of potato chips is more appropriate.
2.3 The influence of frying time on the oil content of fried potato chips Controlling the frying time is a basic method to control the oil content of potato chips, and it is also the easiest way. The oil content of the product increases with the extension of the frying time. However, if the frying time is too short, the potato chips will have a light color and no crispness; if the frying time is too long, the color of the product will be deep in the food industry and the flavor will deteriorate. Therefore, while ensuring the quality of fried potato chips, the frying time should be minimized to reduce the oil content of the product. Based on this consideration, it is better to choose 180 deep frying for 4 minutes.

3.1 The oil content of fried potato chips can be reduced by controlling the thickness, moisture content and frying time of potato chips.
3.2 The better process parameters for reducing the oil content of fried potato slices are: the thickness of the potato slices is 3mm, the moisture content is 75%, and the fried potato slices are fried at 180 for 4 minutes. Potato fried food; oil content Through the study of the process and process parameters of fried potato chips, the best process conditions for controlling the oil content and quality of fried potato chips are determined: the thickness of potato chips is 3mm, and the moisture content before frying is 75%, frying in a 180 degree oil pan for 4 minutes is the best.

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