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Automatic potato peeling machine

The automatic potato peeling machine is used for peeling and washing potatoes and sweet potatoes, and is suitable for restaurants, restaurants, canteens, and food processing plants. The machine has high removal rate, low breakage rate, clean, hygienic, high production efficiency, simple and convenient operation, and is an ideal potato peeling equipment. Within 3-4 minutes, a full-automatic potato peeling machine can easily peel a bucket of potatoes (10 kg).

Features: clean peeling, fast speed, easy operation; made of all stainless steel shell material, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, clean and hygienic. The price of potato peeling machine is low. Compared with the Chaoshan people, the price of potato peeling machine is more suitable for processing. The small potato peeling machine has many functions. It grinds away the skin of potatoes, and is very clean. It is efficient and quality. With more than a dozen human labors, the potato peeler can not only peel but also has a cleaning function, large effective volume, high automatic potato peeling rate, water saving, continuous cleaning, simple operation, long service life, etc. Features: The brush roller material is treated with a special process, which is durable and has good wear resistance.

The automatic potato peeling machine is mainly composed of a frame, a barrel part, a material dial and a water inlet system. Small potato peeling machine is cheap, suitable for peeling, peeling, peeling and cleaning of sweet potatoes, cassava, yam and similar vegetables. The removal rate is very high. The potato peeling machine has low damage rate, cleanliness and high efficiency. . Save a lot of manpower and time!



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