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Instant Freezer Machine/

Pre cooked food fast freezing machine blasting freezer potato

Product Name:  Quick freezer

Electric Motor Power:  2kw

Machine Size:  3000*1000*1800mm

Freezing time:15~45min, Adjustable

Freezing temperature: -18℃

volume: 5.5m3

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The quick-freezing machine is a kind of high-efficiency freezing equipment which freezes a large number of products under – 30 ℃ and in a very short period of time after the fresh raw materials are properly pretreated. The center temperature of the quick frozen goods is frozen to – 18 ℃, so as to ensure that the nutrients are not lost and the color of the products is not changed. Frozen food keeps its original quality at low temperature without preservatives or additives, so it has the characteristics of delicious, fresh, convenient, fast, healthy and hygienic.

Product Name Quick freezer
Machine Size 3000*1000*1800mm
Power 2kw
Freezing temperature -18℃
volume 5.5m3
Freezing time 15~45min, Adjustable

① The double-sided stainless steel polyurethane heat insulation board is used for heat preservation, and the warehouse door is double-layer sealed with electric heating to effectively prevent freezing.

② The blowing mode of the evaporator adopts the air guide type. The spiral tower and the wind shield around the evaporator are designed to be symmetrical, which together with the heat preservation reservoir body form a reasonable, symmetrical and smooth air guide channel to ensure that the wind force at any different position of the mesh belt is uniform, so that the frozen products can obtain the heat exchange effect, high freezing efficiency and low energy consumption.

③ There are multiple supporting rails under the net belt, and frozen products can be frozen directly on the net belt; stainless steel chains on both sides ensure the stability of the transmission system. The reasonable tension device can effectively adjust the tightness of the mesh belt and prevent the relaxation and deviation of the mesh belt.






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