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Potato Cleaning Machine/

Barrel conveyor washing machine

Product Name:Automatic Roller Vegetable Cleaning Machine

Product Capacity:1000kg/h

Applicable scene:    Canteens, restaurants, food processing plants

Power: 0.75KW

Machine Size:  2400*1000*1500mm

Function:Suitable for cleaning leafy vegetables, rhizomes and pickled fruits and vegetables

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Rotary fruit vegetable washing machine use fastening on the wall in the distribution of the spiral brush products do part incomplete spiral motion, product doing linear motion along the axis at the same time, be left play a falling height, the repeated adhesion on the material surface under the action of the oil under the impact of the brush and spray water, from the material, because than major and sink to the bottom of the tank, after washing products under the impetus of the brush into the lower process.

Model Parameters(mm) weight Power(kw) Capacity
HDF2400 2400*1000*1500 300 0.75 1000kg/h
HDF3000 3000*1000*1600 380 1.1 1500kg/h

Washing machine  cleaned in cleaning groove is covered by water, attached to the surface of quite a number of large pieces of soil loss, the conveyor belt into the drum washing machine inlet, cleaning material into the hopper into the rotating drum, the drum rotation in the pool, use of its own gravity separation of cleaning as propulsion, to realize automatic cleaning material.The cleaning material moves forward along the roller wall. During the movement, the cleaning material is constantly washed by water, the friction between cleaning material, the brushing between turning and the friction between cleaning material and the roller wall, and the cleaning process of cleaning material surface is completed under the joint action.






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